Wooden Rangoli

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Wooden Rangolis are alternative to traditional colourful powdered rangolis use to decorate our houses entrance.But having an added advantage of not being destroyed with wind,or by stepping it or for any other various reasons.Of course apart from giving different look, it is washable,flexible and reusable.This rangolis are made on plywood,coloured and embellished with pretty kundans,laces,butties etc..This can be used as wall hangings.



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    My card for this weeks Muse Challenge No. 21 @ Muse

This weeks inspirational card by Therese Calvird..

 I really loved the paper rosette ...they just boosted the card very well...I personally like embellished cards...Thanks Theresa,your card helped me generate  great idea.

 I took the two paper flower /rosette embellishment as my inspirational factor from the given challenge card .


Summer Camp 2013

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Having great time with childrens in summer camp.

Story Telling Session

Best out of waste Windchime

 Pasta Bracelet

Mask Making


Moving drawing

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Hey see what I made...My son really loved it....Its a movable drawing....it is really simple and attractive

material needed : A4 size paper,some sketches/crayons,a straw, blade ,any animal/vehicle /movable object sticker/cutout.

1)first draw and colour ...
2)then make  a long slit with blade on hill (cut only from few inches away from first corner till few cms before the other corner)...
3)tape animal picture(deer here) to the straw with tape...
4)Insert it in the slit and move with your hand slowly.

Challenge entered:
artsycaftsymom-animal craft(march)


Animal Craft Challenge Entry

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For The Challenge:-

From last few days, I was working on some kids craft for a summer camp to be conducted in a school by me as a craft teacher,...ssso I just take out few papercraft done before and few done now...

              And guess what I came across artsy craftsy mom blog and current animal theme challenge...and see I saw it just a day before last day for entry...

             So, soon I take out my camera and took pics,,,couldn't take out the elaborate pics for a demo of the tutorial...But will surely do it in future...

A chocolate shape envelope
Things required:
Two chocolate shape pattern paper cutouts trimmed zigzag, a small piece of net, ribbons, a cute sticker or another embellishment for the center.
Yellow and pitch coloured paper chick....can be
used as greeting /msg holder

 A paper mouse:  1)Cut out the shape, Rectangle with triangular at head
                           3)Tail with thin brown strip of paper

A card: A boy with open arms, sentiments/wishes written on the shirt......

Challenge Entered:

artsycraftsymom - Animal craft


My first post of card

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I have made this card for my In-laws Anniversary coming up next month.Every year on birthdays and anniversary of the family member, I with my 5-year-old son...make something handmade and present them.

It's a verticle Accordion card.I have a kiddie look because this is requested/selected by my son....pasted a teddy couple on the centre...with two handmade roses on the side(for symbolizing couple ) and inside, a bunch of Teddy's (on poped foam cutout) symbolizing happy family ...

Challenges Entered!!

Lulupu's challenge# 10 ,Lets celebrate at http://lulupu.blogspot.in


Baby Envelopes

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Quilled Bookmarks

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In the process of making the replicas of this bookmarks....My sister made this samples...I find them very cute...what say!!! 

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Dhinkachikka ,Dhinkachikka ---- My First Blog Award

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       I received this award from Naina .... thank u so so much for appreciating my work.........I am proudly saying my family members that " yeee i recieved a Blog Award"...This is just because of u.
       And also lots of thanks to the one who started this award....Great Idea...U r so kind to start this for acknowledging we amateurs to the world of blog.


- thank to the person that gave you the award

- put a link of her/his blog in your blog

- put in your blog the logo of the award

- give the award to 7 blogs with less than 50 members

- put links to this blog

- inform these people that they received the award

- write 7 thing (facts) about yourself 

And here are the 7 members whom I like to pass this  Award ....

    1. Shivani Singh  -  http://magickraft.blogspot.in
    2.  Roxxana loana    -   http://roxxpaper.blogspot.com
    3. Chanddana Bhattacharya  -  http://chandanaquilling.blogspot.in
    4. Ruchita  -   http://ruchitad.blogspot.in
    5. Varsha     -    http://mypapersspeak.blogspot.in
    6. Minakshi   -   http://minakshi04.blogspot.in
    7. Devika      -  http://craftncreativity.blogspot.in/

Congratulations All...
.I really liked all of  urs blog....
Please do visit their sites...They all are wonderful crafters.

Happy Crafting!!!!!

Now 7 things about me:
  1. I am food lover.
  2. I love to dance.
  3. I like travelling ...Want to see the whole world before I die...I love Nature
  4. I am very curios by nature...
  5. I am blessed with a very nice family(parents,husband and kid).
  6. I am easily mouldable person.
  7. And lastly about my passion of craft....I love handicrafts...Quilling is my most favourite craft till now.


Just Made

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I just finished making this box n envelope combo for an order....It is for one of the occassion of a wedding...It has came out beautiful, more than I expected....
Happy :)....

I have to make 100 boxes....Huuuh will start working on it from tomorrow


Love in the air

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As February is about to come ,,,,by now all must have started planning /preparing for valentines day to celebrate love. 
      I always start my planning with buying something like cloth/watch...etc, for my hubby...but end up with  some handicraft project every time ...,I feel gifting presents specially A valentine day one must be something which is 100% made wd ur heart,All thanks to my little sense n love of craft which  help me in making something unique n customized for my husband ....N feel glad when my husband also like my handicraft present...which makes him feel special for me.
    Today in this post..I want to share my few handicrafts gifted to my husband  on 14th feb 

  ----- My last year gift to him

     Plastic laminated  quilled red heart Gift tag/Car Hanging...He hanged it in his car

-----My last to last year gift

This craft was born in my mind by seeing my
collection of  movie tickets,HM tour ticket,
other tickets,Hotels  in which we stayed
 in our tours... site seeing passes....bottle caps, stick
 of ice cream which we shared together..greeting cards ...balloons,,,roses....etc..
which i used  to preserve as swt memories of my love.

   In center i sticked map of our city(Hyderabad) n highlighted the places where we have been to  till date.
N marked star where i wish to go in future..
My husband liked my idea of telling him wishes this way.

----Card made in 2010 for valentine day
A pop up card ....popping my photo in kashmiri attire having flower bouquet in hand.It did'nt came up perfectly as i  prepared it in  last minutes ...but sentiments were 100% perfect.

-----on my second valentine day after marriage
 All dark in room,  I Lighten up candles on the floor in the shape of I LOVE U...It was looking very beautiful.something like in the pic down...This is the happy birthday one

---For first valentine day i gifted him a video made through my honeymoon snaps using windows movie maker software.
   The video is not getting uploaded...sry