Love in the air

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As February is about to come ,,,,by now all must have started planning /preparing for valentines day to celebrate love. 
      I always start my planning with buying something like cloth/watch...etc, for my hubby...but end up with  some handicraft project every time ...,I feel gifting presents specially A valentine day one must be something which is 100% made wd ur heart,All thanks to my little sense n love of craft which  help me in making something unique n customized for my husband ....N feel glad when my husband also like my handicraft present...which makes him feel special for me.
    Today in this post..I want to share my few handicrafts gifted to my husband  on 14th feb 

  ----- My last year gift to him

     Plastic laminated  quilled red heart Gift tag/Car Hanging...He hanged it in his car

-----My last to last year gift

This craft was born in my mind by seeing my
collection of  movie tickets,HM tour ticket,
other tickets,Hotels  in which we stayed
 in our tours... site seeing passes....bottle caps, stick
 of ice cream which we shared together..greeting cards ...balloons,,,roses....etc..
which i used  to preserve as swt memories of my love.

   In center i sticked map of our city(Hyderabad) n highlighted the places where we have been to  till date.
N marked star where i wish to go in future..
My husband liked my idea of telling him wishes this way.

----Card made in 2010 for valentine day
A pop up card ....popping my photo in kashmiri attire having flower bouquet in hand.It did'nt came up perfectly as i  prepared it in  last minutes ...but sentiments were 100% perfect.

-----on my second valentine day after marriage
 All dark in room,  I Lighten up candles on the floor in the shape of I LOVE U...It was looking very beautiful.something like in the pic down...This is the happy birthday one

---For first valentine day i gifted him a video made through my honeymoon snaps using windows movie maker software.
   The video is not getting uploaded...sry

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