Moving drawing

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Hey see what i made...My son really loved it....Its a movable is really simple and attractive

material needed : A4 size paper,some sketches/crayons,a straw, blade ,any animal/vehicle /movable object sticker/cutout.

1)first draw and colour ...
2)then make  a long slit with blade on hill (cut only from few inches away from first corner till few cms before the other corner)...
3)tape animal picture(deer here) to the straw with tape...
4)Insert it in the slit and move with your hand slowly.

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Kids Craft

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From last few days I was working on some kids craft for a summercamp to be conducted in a school by me as a craft teacher ,...ssso i just take out few paper craft done before and few done now...

              And guess what I came across artsy craftsy mom blog and current animal theme challenge...and see i saw it just a day before last day for entry...

             So,soon I take out my camera and took pics,,,could'nt take out the elaborate pics for demo of tutorial...But will surely do it in future...

A choclate shape envelope
Things required:
Two choclate shape pattern paper cutouts trimmed zigzag,small piece of net,ribbons,a cute sticker or other embellishment  for center.
Yellow and pitch coloured paper chick....can be
used as greeting /msg holder

 A paper mouse:  1)Cut out the shape,Rectangle with triangular at head
                           3)Tail with thin brown strip of paper

A card : A boy with open arms, sentiments/wishes written on the shirt......

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artsycraftsymom - Animal craft


My first post of card

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I have made this card for my In laws Anniversary coming up next month..Every year on birthdays and anniversarys  of the family member,I with my 5 year old son...make something handmade and present them.

Its a verticle Accordian card.I gave a kiddie look because this is requested/selected by my son....pasted a teddy couple on the center...with two handmade roses on side(for symbolizing couple ) and inside, bunch of teddy's (on  poped foam cutout) symbolizing happy family ...

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Baby Envelopes

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Quilled Bookmarks

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In the process of making the replicas of this bookmarks....My sister made this samples...I find them very cute...what say!!!

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Quilled Ganesha

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