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From last few days I was working on some kids craft for a summercamp to be conducted in a school by me as a craft teacher ,...ssso i just take out few paper craft done before and few done now...

              And guess what I came across artsy craftsy mom blog and current animal theme challenge...and see i saw it just a day before last day for entry...

             So,soon I take out my camera and took pics,,,could'nt take out the elaborate pics for demo of tutorial...But will surely do it in future...

A choclate shape envelope
Things required:
Two choclate shape pattern paper cutouts trimmed zigzag,small piece of net,ribbons,a cute sticker or other embellishment  for center.
Yellow and pitch coloured paper chick....can be
used as greeting /msg holder

 A paper mouse:  1)Cut out the shape,Rectangle with triangular at head
                           3)Tail with thin brown strip of paper

A card : A boy with open arms, sentiments/wishes written on the shirt......

Challenge Entered:

artsycraftsymom - Animal craft

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