Wooden Rangoli

11:19 pm chikki 8 Comments

Wooden Rangolis are alternative to traditional colourful powdered rangolis use to decorate our houses entrance.But having an added advantage of not being destroyed with wind,or by stepping it or for any other various reasons.Of course apart from giving different look, it is washable,flexible and reusable.
This rangolis are made on plywood,coloured and embellished with pretty kundans,laces,butties etc..This can be used as wall hangings.


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  1. Wow this is just gorgeous! It's no wonder you hang it in the front where everyone can see! For traditional Chinese people, we hang these gold and red posters with sayings on it to bring good health, fortune, and whatever it is that you wish for your home (of course multiple sayings are better than just one!).

    Have a nice day and thanks for stopping by! :)

  2. super gorgeous rangolis. love the first one

  3. hey chikki...

    i hav passed on a blog award to u, check it out here,

  4. Thanks for the appreciation and acknowledgment...and thanks a lot for the Award too..This is my second award ..yeee. I also liked your blog..I am not getting how to put logo of the award on the sidebar..will be thankful if u can tell me the process..bye hv a nice day.

  5. super cute rangoli dear but can u plz tell me with what colour have u painted the plywood?...is it acrylic colour n did u apply nething else to it b4 applying colour?

  6. All three r lovely bt my fav is the 1st;)

  7. Thanks for liking it..I have used acrylic paints and then after applying embellishmants like kundans ,parls used Dr.Beck varnish for shining.Nothing to apply before...

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