Egyptian Theme Craft -Summer Camp 2017

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Ancient Egyptian Crafts -SummerCamp 2017

Craft a simple ancient Egyptian collar or jewelry out of a plate.

Egyptian Collar craft


Paper plate
Poster paint or acrylic
Safety Tips -
Watch out for this sign elicit Associate in Nursing adult's facilitate.. It means that adult assistance is required for the actual step.


Step 1. Position an outsized plate bottom aspect up.
Step 2. to create a gap for the neck, realize a spherical object to trace (about four ½ to six inches in diameter). Place it in the middle of the plate and move it upwards till it's on the subject of an in. from the highest fringe of the plate. Trace around the object to bound the circle.
Step 3. Cut a vertical slit from the highest fringe of the plate to the spherical define.
Step 4.Ask for Associate in Nursing adults facilitate. Proceed to chop on the spherical define.
Step 5. try the collar or jewelry.If the gap is just too tiny, you will trim the ends of the collar. you will additionally widen the circle if it feels too tight around the neck.
Step 6. Once you're pleased with the collar's work, paint it gold.
Step 7. Ancient Egyptian collars square measure typically created of rows of colored beads. To simulate this impact, paint short strokes to create every row or layer of "beads". The strokes needn't be utterly uniform. you'll even finger paint or use a cotton swab to use paint.
Step 8. Continue painting short strokes of color till you've got completed a row.
Step 9. Paint a lot of rows of colors till you've got adorned the whole collar.
Step 10.Once the paint dries, try your Egyptian collar.

You may complete your costume by creating a try of Egyptian bracelets and a few attention-grabbing headwear like a Pharaoh wear or Associate in Nursing Ancient Egyptian band.Pyramids and Mummies are few other crafts related to Egypt

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